Friday, 23 June 2017  
Prince Charles and Camilla’s 3-day tour of Canada to cost almost $1M


Heritage Canada documents show that between the funds spent last year and those budgeted for this year, Canadians are looking at a total of $977,577 for the couple to come visit.

Depp sorry for for Trump Assassination gag


Johnny Depp has issued an apology just hours after he made a controversial comment about President Donald Trump, asking, "When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?"

�5 people, including 3 youth, electrocuted in water park pool in Turkey
�Five electrocuted at water park in Turkey
�Vladimir Putin gave direct orders to help elect Donald Trump, report says
�London fire manslaughter charges tipped
�EU signals tough trade line on US, China
�German police brace for protests at G20
�Depp criticised for assassination comment
�Suspect charged with murder in Finsbury Park mosque attack
Gadget Ogling: Apple at Home


The battle for your home just got a little tense as Apple pulled back the curtain on HomePod, its smart speaker that seeks to hold dominion over your home empire and all the gadgets that reside within. HomePod holds a 4-inch woofer and seven tweeters, and it has six microphones to pick up your voice commands for Siri, wherever you happen to be in the room.

�Microsoft Partners Heed Mixed-Reality Call
�Hearing Crickets at Apple's WWDC and a Pin Drop in the Senate
�DHS to Congress: The Russians Are Coming Back
�Microsoft Ditches SMBv1 Protocol in Windows 10 Preview BuildMicrosoft Ditches SMBv1 Protocol in Windows 10 Preview Build

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